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Cancellations & Lat Rescheduling 

Changes to your appointment must be made a minimum of 48hrs in advance of your booking to receive your booking deposit back. As long as you have left me a message 48hrs before your booked time, you will receive your deposit back regardless of if I have replied. You will receive a reminder text 3 days before your appointment which gives you 24hrs to cancel or reschedule before you lose your deposit.


Booking Deposit

A booking deposit of 50% of the service price is required to secure an appointment with me. If you book via phone or facebook, you will receive an invoice via email that must be paid within 24hrs or your booking will be cancelled. This fee covers some loss of income if I am unable to book someone to cover your appointment on short notice or book a service that covers the time you where booked for. 


No show fee

You will be considered a no-show if you are 15+ minutes late. My no show fee is 100% of the booked service (including deposit paid). You will receive an invoice via email 15 minutes after your missed appointment. This fee must be paid before any new bookings are made and following appointments must be prepaid.


Day Care Fee

A fee of $10 per hour (charged after the first 15 minutes of each hour) will be charged to cover the difficulty added to my salon by caring for your pets for an extended period of time. My salon is not set up for, nor am I staffed for multiple animals to be with me at once (excluding multi pet households), so caring for extra animals adds challenges to my salon that aren’t accounted for when bookings are made. If you need your pet to be in my care for an extended period, please contact me prior to booking so I can prepare my salon and other bookings accordingly. 


Misleading booking

While I understand that mistakes can be made when booking a service with me, I will charge if a misleading booking has been made. For example, booking an under 8kg full clip when you have a 25kg dog or booking a first professional groom for an animal that either needs a full clip or who has been groomed before just to receive a lower price. Or booking your animal under the wrong species to get an appointment at your preferred time. Please contact me prior to booking if you need any help deciding on an appropriate service. My fee for misleading bookings is $50. 


Refusal of Service

While you have no obligation to let me groom your pet, I am a professional who is trained in the recognition of coat condition. If you only want a bath but your pet is matted, I cannot safely groom your pet because wetting knots/ matts, adding shampoo and improperly drying the knots/ matts (proper drying cannot be achieved due to my inability to ensure shampoo is removed and my inability to feel or see inside the knot to ensure it’s dry), can result in bacteria or fungal growth within the knot/ matt or between the knot/ Matt and the skin resulting in wounds that need vet attention. I am not willing to do anything to a matted animal besides shave the matts. After discussing with you, your pets coat condition, if my professional advice is to shave and you refuse, I will charge $50 due to my loss of income from performing any grooming service and my inability to fill your spot. I also charge this fee if you refuse to sign my forms as these forms are necessary for insurance purposes. My form is available to view on my website.

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