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My experience

I have been grooming my pets, for shows and professionally for almost a decade. I will complete my NCGI Master Cat Groomer certificate once I am able to. I also have a lot of experience with anxious and aggressive animals. I worked in a pet store for 2 years, mobile for 3 years and managed a salon for 2 years before moving to my own home and setting up my home salon.

How can I help your anxious or aggressive pet?

I believe in building a strong, trusting relationship with the pet and keeping them on a regular schedule to get them used to me and the grooming experience. Fear is expressed through aggression and I have been able to learn how to appropriately react to the pet and respond in a beneficial way. By building trust, learning the pets needs, reactions and fears and consistent training, we can improve the pets experience with grooming.

Who is my insurer?

I am insured through AAMI. My insurance covers accidental injuries to pets as a result of my grooming during the service or within 24 hours of my service. Accidental injuries includes cuts, clipper burn, shampoo in eyes, allergic reactions to the products I use or quicked nails.

What happens if my pet needs to see a vet as the result of a groom?

In a non-emergency case, the owner would be required to seek veterinary advice to confirm whether the pets ailment is a result of the groom and this must be done within 24 hours of the groom. Reasons your pet may need to see a vet after a groom may be cuts, clipper burn, shampoo in eyes, allergic reactions to the products I use or quicked nails. Contact must be kept with me so I can notify my insurer as soon as possible.


In an emergency situation, I will administer first aid as required and contact a vet. Your pet may need to be taken to a vet immediately. You will be notified and I will contact my insurer.


Unfortunately accidents and emergencies can happen when your pet is with me but as a professional I am trained in pet first aid and have insurance for these situations.

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