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New Client Form

Cat & Dog Grooming by Erin Boss

Owners Name




Contact Number/s


 For multiple pets, please write their information in a column 

Pets Name




Colour/ Features


D.O.B. or Estimate Age






Flea, Worm & Tick Treated?




Vet Name & Number


Medical History (Only things that may affect the groom)


How did you hear about me?



The following items must be agreed to or no services will be provided by Erin Boss


I agree;

-To disclose any previous or current medical conditions, medications, injuries or concerns of my pet/s to Erin Boss

-To present my pet/s in good health, on current treatment for fleas, worms & ticks and fully vaccinated

-To disclose any concerns about my pets temperament that may affect the grooming or be a risk to Erin Boss or any other pets on the premises

-To my pet/s being recorded and photographed for the sole purpose of recording the groom and that these images and videos will not be shared unless to prove satisfactory grooming, injury to my pet/s, behaviour of my pet/s or any other incident that may need to be discussed or reported to Erin Boss’ insurance or other third party


I agree that I will not hold Erin Boss responsible for the following;

-For minor cuts, grazes or irritation caused to my pet/s from the equipment or products used by Erin Boss as I understand my pet/s may not react to products well with no prior knowledge from myself and the equipment used is sharp and using this equipment on moving animals has some risk

-For injury or death of my pet/s due to undisclosed injury, illness, medication or aggression

-For any cost associated with injury or death due to undisclosed injury, illness, medication or aggression


Matted & Neglected Coat Agreement

-I agree to have my pets coat clipped off if needed, to release them from their matted coat

-I will not hold Erin Boss responsible for any irritation, bruising, minor cuts or grazing that results from the removal of my pet/s matted coat

-I understand that it is necessary to remove the coat for the wellbeing of my pet/s and that there are risks associated with this groom

-I agree to pay the full amount that is told to me at the commencement of the groom

-I understand the price may change during the groom and from what was originally quoted due to the possible amount of time spent on my pet/s, the amount of equipment used on my pet/s and the clean up from possible urination & defecation from my pets pain or fear

-I understand that Erin Boss may end the groom at any point, due to any of the reasons mentioned above and that I will pay what is charged at the commencement of the groom


Refusal of Service

-I understand that Erin Boss has the right to refuse me service if my pet/s proves to be a risk to staff or other animals on the premises

-I understand that Erin Boss has the right to refuse service if the heath and safety of pet/s, deems my pet/s unsafe to groom


Additional Surcharges

-I understand that Erin Boss reserves the right to charge me surcharges for any grooming that is considered more expensive, difficult or time consuming than a normal groom. This includes the use of flea washes, treatment of the premises for fleas, additional time added to the groom from re-grooming matted or neglected pets who urinate or defecate or additional time to remove hair due to compaction, matting or deshedding

-I understand that arriving early to my appointment or to pick up my pet/s will incur a surcharge due to time needed for Erin Boss to stop grooming, tend to you and resume grooming which can stress my pet/s because they may know I have arrived and become difficult for Erin Boss to groom

-I understand that I must pick up my pet/s within 30 minutes of the time that Erin Boss contacts me to inform me of the end of the groom and that I will incur a daycare charge if I do not pick my pet/s up within the agreed time. If this is not suitable, please discuss this with Erin Boss


Veterinary Care

-I give permission for Erin Boss to seek medical attention or advice regarding my pet for injuries resulting from the groom

-I understand that I am responsible for the cost, whether I can be contacted or not, for medical expenses resulting from any undisclosed previous or current medical conditions, medications, injuries or concerns of my pet/s

-I understand that I will be required to fill out an ‘Incident Report Form’ for Erin Boss and my own records

-I understand that Erin Boss will cover the first vet consult and medical cost to correct the injury if I am able to attend to my pet/s within 2 hours of being informed of the incident and I understand that after 2 hours Erin Boss has the right to admit my pet to a vet of her choice and I will be solely responsible for all costs associated with the incident

-I understand that I can not hold Erin Boss responsible for any further costs such as another vet consultation, further medication or further injury to the originally injured area due to the vets or owners mistreatment or improper care of the injury and following care of my pet/s 


The following may be refused and will not affect the groom or cost. Please circle your choice

-I agree / disagree to allow my pet/s to be photographed before, during and after the groom for advertisement on Facebook and I understand that I will not be contacted prior to posting but I do have the right to request the images or videos be removed



Client Name……………………………………………………………………..


Client Signature…………………………………………….



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